Friday, November 4, 2011

alternative self defense device

Wasp Spray Necklace
Pepper spay is restricted in New York. But a little research shows that wasp spray is an efficient alternative.
This gave me the idea for this perfume bottle necklace. The bottle's shape is inspired by the form of a wasp nest, plus carrying it around your neck makes it fast and easy to reach and use.
The function of a piece of jewelry has been transformed from the traditional ornamentation to the useful purpose of self protection.

These are only a sketch model and some drawings, the final piece would be in ceramic and gold.
What do you think?


  1. This Wasp Spray Necklace is an absolutely brilliant idea! A great gift for a loved one. You never know when you will need it! Protect yourself in a stylish and very cool way. Another great design Mimi Vert! Congrats!

    Davis Carrasquillo

  2. i love it! love the shape of it.. so sleek and elegant! i am a bit unsure of the size.. could you make it smaller.. it looks quite big.. and i would not make it glass.. i love it the way it is....
    i want one!

  3. I love the shape and the idea - it is so innovative - so Mimi Vert! I am also not sure about the might be easier to wear if it is smaller..

  4. Great, great idea!!! I want one, need one! Pa' la Uipi, que los peppers spray son horribles y poco prácticos! Jeje Estoy de acuerdo con los comentarios anteriores a lo mejor un poco más pequeño.

  5. what about a mimivert perfume line? this would be the perfect bottle for it, very stylish and still natural with its shape. and to have it with a necklace would be very unique and special. love it!