Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Notes on a Notebook Pt 3

I don’t like to get rid of the past. Especially I get attached to things where I have put thought or invested time. Usually I end up storing them in a drawer or finally after years throwing them away.
So I asked myself what are the possibilities to recycle my old Moleskine notebook?
I wanted to transform it into a new item that allows me to keep carrying around my beloved companion. Since jewelry is my business the first that came in my mind was to convert it into a necklace.
I only used (except for some water and starch paste) the properties of my 2010 Moleskine. Each bead of the necklace represents one random day of my past year. While I was creating them some names, events and places appeared repetitively others surprisingly. Either way -and even just as simple notes- they awoke emotions and memories. I experienced it as a therapeutic process that made me aware of what moved and dominated my daily life throughout that year. For next January I plan to do a new piece with this year’s diary instead of making New Year's resolutions.
Out of a notebook (that due to technological advance is an unnecessary object) I made a piece of jewelry (that by nature is unnecessary), but ultimately an accessory that is truly one of a kind.