Thursday, January 29, 2009

IWC's Portuguese

iwc portugueseIn the era of cellphones we actually don't need a wristwatch to look at the time. Nevertheless the art of watch making continues to be alive. Why there still are companies that make mechanical watches today? It's not because we depend on them. It is simply because they refine our senses, like my partner Ilias says. The aesthetics, the precision, the details of the movement where the eye can't see, makes a watch more than a luxury object a piece of scientific art. It is still very difficult despite technological advances to built a precise mechanical watch that depends on the movement of one's wrist instead of a battery. Among all, my favorite is IWC "International Watch Company". Founded in 1868 in Schaffhausen, Switzerland continues to be today one of the most respected brands on the field. They are known for pilot and diving lines that resist up to 2000 meters. The most representative model though is the Portuguese. It was created to benefit the seafarers converting the original chronograph pocket watch to a wristwatch. A classic, simple and very masculine piece I love to wear myself.