Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Lap Chair

I have shared my ambiguous thoughts on necessity (and accessories) here previously. Don't be alarmed, I still love designing jewelry but it is nice for a change to create something with an actual and useful purpose. The Lap chair is my first furniture piece and made me appreciate the beauty of when necessity becomes the inspiration.
There are always a lot of people in the Parsons lobby working on their laptops, they sit or lie on the benches or sofas over their computers, taking the weirdest positions for hours.
I wanted to design a versatile and ergonomic chair that is specifically intentioned for laptop use. I wanted it to be simple in construction for easier shipping and storage. Also crucial for me was material efficiency; all three pieces are cut from the same sheet of veneer with minimal waste. The positive and negative cut-outs also define the visually poetic forms of the chair.
back view
top view
ways of storage

different positions of table and feet

I look forward to sitting on the fullscale prototype soon!