Friday, December 26, 2008

Stella's Wicked Garden

stella nolasco miriam josiStella Nolasco is another good friend and very talented designer. I enjoyed her spring summer collection "Wicked Garden" last september at fashion week...
Stella obtained a bachelors degree from Drexel University, Philadelphia and participated in the fashion program at SACI school of art in Italy. Besides her own boutique in Old San Juan, her modern and edgy designs have been featured by Luxury department store Neiman Marcus and other stores around the world.


mimi vert eyesThrough out history eyes always had a special symbolic meaning. In Ancient Egypt the Eye of Horus stood for protection and life. In Christianity the eye represents the omni-present spirit of God. In Hinduism and Buddhism the “third eye” is a symbol for enlightenment. In general the meaning of eyes tend to be of a spiritual nature: Focus, Vision, Intelligence, Opening... just to name a few. I'm aware of the importance of the eye icon's symbolism. But the origin for the mimi vert trademark is actually very simple and spontaneous. About four years ago we were doing my first business card for mimi vert. I didn't know what to put next to the logo. Just playing around I cut out the eye of a picture of mine. Ilias loved the idea. This same image went trough different phases of abstraction until we got to the final "Green Eye" logo. It appears on every Mimi Vert piece and gives the brand it's unmistakable identity.