Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Lisa Cappalli

cappalli lookbook miriam josiThis great designer and friend creates incredibly feminine yet wearable dresses. Lisa graduated from Parson's School of Design with honors and worked in Paris with Chantal Thomass before she started her own successful design studio.
In Puerto Rico you can get her whimsical Collections at these two boutiques: Lisa Cappalli in Condado and Cappalli in Old San Juan.

Blake's Monster for Lili Zoe

Blake's MonsterOn my last trip to New York few weeks ago I visited Tara and Reginald, who just had a baby. Besides a mimi vert bracelet, I was looking to bring another special something for little Lili. So my friend Tania made this beautiful doll out of recycled materials. Now I'm waiting for her to open a business!

Cycladic Art

Cycladic ArtI have a huge fascination for these prehistoric sculptures. They are 5,000 years old (early Cycladic period starts at 3,200 B.C.) but so simple and minimalistic they could come straight out of a Contemporary Art Gallery. The figurines of the ancient Cycladic Civilization are a big inspiration for my work as a designer.
The Museum of Cycladic Art is in the heart of Kolonaki, -my favorite neighborhood in Athens- and it is worth visiting. I love how they sponsor exhibitions of contemporary artists in the neoclassic mansion that is connected to the new building, where they expose the ancient Greek and Cycladic collections