Saturday, December 27, 2008


mimi vert PolaroidsI just still love the spontaneous and unpredictable look of these instant pictures... See more polaroid snapshots on my website:

Milos Estiatorio

Milos EstiatorioWhen in New York I love Milos. It's clean and simple "cycladic" ambience, is a sophisticated interpretation of the Aegean islands. The Greek ritual to choose your fish it is also practiced here. Your waiter will explain you everything about it, like a sommelier would do for a wine. I love the process of preparing the whole fish on the grill and finally eat it with "ladolemono" (just olive oil and lemon) and "horta" (boiled greens). While you wait, you can have your appetizers (the grilled octopus tastes like heaven).
Unlike the great "celebrity" Chefs of the city, that their primary concern is to display their skill and imagination, Milos just preserves what is true and unaltered. The beauty and taste only nature can