Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Notes on a Notebook Pt 2: Necessary, Accessory or Luxury?

As already mentioned some useless objects in our daily life were preserved and gained new value. The fact that a wristwatch is not really needed anymore helped to take it to another level converting it into a status symbol. Such objects that lost their original purpose are now charged with a new, more emotional value. The Moleskine notebook’s subtle marketing concept supports that bond, makes it part of each owners personal identity. It becomes a cult object.
I like to see a person next to me in a cafe having his notebook on the table instead of (or in addition to) his blackberry or iphone. For me it’s like seeing a women with an exquisite handbag or piece of jewelry, it makes someone more interesting. This addition to one’s personality is what an accessory should do.
The iconic Moleskine, almost a synonym for notebook, may be inexpensive and produced in masses but could be perceived as a luxury product in many ways. Something inessential but conducive to pleasure and comfort, it is a brand focused on a history that represents a lifestyle and evokes emotion, inspiration and satisfaction. Just as other traditional products Moleskine was forced to connect to the digital world and like some luxury brands they did it impressively. Moleskine makes successful use of social media, holds an interactive website, e-commerce, online marketing and people all over the net are uploading and sharing scans of their notebooks.
In our times of iPhones, iPads, facebook and Google calendar, drawing or writing down things in a notebook sure may seem unnecessary and time consuming. But isn’t having and especially taking time priceless and the ultimate definition of luxury?


  1. I use Moleskine for my daily work and I also buy them for my creative team and we love it! I don't know how to explain this, but I have an i.Phone, a Mac computer and I work on an innovative and technology company but there's something i can't stop doing... my "to do list" in a notebook. Love technology, but love the simple things too and I have to admit I love the smell of paper. I think I'm one of a few persons that enjoys to read a real book instead of an e-book. Love the article Mimi!

  2. Love Moleskine! And how Valeria said "i can't stop doing... my 'to do list' in a notebook." Notebooks are great, and will never lose their value! Thanks Mimi!