Friday, October 29, 2010

"D´Party isch vrbi"

I guess most of you don’t know that Swiss Rap even exists. I thought it’s time to spread the word beyond the borders of Switzerland. Get to know my childhood friend Basil Anliker, today better known as Baze. His third solo LP "D´Party isch vrbi" (meaning that the party is over in my hometown Berne’s dialect) has just been released.
Growing up together I have always loved (and sometimes hated) Basil for his barefaced honesty. The same authentic characteristic is reflected in his music, which is what makes it so real to me. Talking about his ups and downs, thoughts and doubts free from pretension, just simple stories about himself and life that surrounds him. Melancholic, sometimes depressing but somehow surprisingly calming. The lyrics as well the sounds that complete and support them break with stereotypes of the Rap genre. Even you won’t understand a word I believe the album is worth listening to. Get it here Baze wears the new Mimi Vert ID bracelet in black silver.


  1. Swiss Rap is Z-shit!!...word...

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  3. The bracelet looks really good on him! Its masculine and bulky but still pretty :-) Nice photo and nice man! Congrats! xoxo Gabriela

  4. swiss rap and your jewelery, what a mixture ; )
    it fits...!