Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Picture by Alfonso MartinezLast week I had an interview at Caficultura, one of my favorite spots in San Juan. If you ever visit Puerto Rico and need a break of walking the old town, you have to stop by there! The place is the perfect marriage of a classic European Cafe with a touch of Soho and some local criollo elements.
That's how the barista Edgardo surprised me. The figure below mimi vert is the shape of the cypriote necklace I was wearing that day..mimi vert coffee


  1. Love it!!! This is one of my favorite places to drink coffee in Old San Juan. Edgardo is one of the best baristas in Puerto Rico, and also a great person.

  2. We were just there (1/8/11). It was so good for breakfast that we went back for late lunch.
    Unbelievable coffee.