Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Madrid's Ramses

ramses madridI visit Madrid frequently, but since I am always on-the-go, only for a couple of days each time. During my last stay I was glad to discover Ramses. A beautiful bar/ restaurant/ club designed by the french designer Phillipe Starck. Even the bathroom is worth a visit! The food is fine but is simply exceeded by the beautiful mix of chairs, the pompous chandeliers, sofas and the scrawled walls with Luis Urculo's graphics. The best is to go at the second seating at the petit bistro and end up at the bar that is maybe one of the nicest places to hang out in Madrid. www.ramseslife.com


  1. Good job Mimi. I am impressed with the variety of content, clean and professional look of the blog and even the videos are entertaining to watch. Keep up the good job.

    Mario (Dari's husband)

  2. Mario, so good to see you here! Where is Mrs. McCann?

  3. Here is Mrs. Dari Casillas (Mario McCann is the husband). I really loved "Mimi Loves"!!!!! Very impressing and beautiful job! XOXO