Saturday, December 27, 2008

Milos Estiatorio

Milos EstiatorioWhen in New York I love Milos. It's clean and simple "cycladic" ambience, is a sophisticated interpretation of the Aegean islands. The Greek ritual to choose your fish it is also practiced here. Your waiter will explain you everything about it, like a sommelier would do for a wine. I love the process of preparing the whole fish on the grill and finally eat it with "ladolemono" (just olive oil and lemon) and "horta" (boiled greens). While you wait, you can have your appetizers (the grilled octopus tastes like heaven).
Unlike the great "celebrity" Chefs of the city, that their primary concern is to display their skill and imagination, Milos just preserves what is true and unaltered. The beauty and taste only nature can


  1. I have to comment on this one. Milos is back to the basics with all the sophistication of a modern restaurant. They bring the best fish and seafood daily from around the globe (and they charge for this) but the experience is difficult to replicate. They charbroil their goods (the Greek way) using a dash of olive oil, some lemon and a delicate touch of herbs. The result it is not either overcooked or undone but perfect. They also use incredible quality of vegetables especially tomatoes and that's why their greek salad is the best I had ever. Also charbroiled shellfish shrimps or lobster octopus is a different world that the one we usually find elsewhere. There are many other places that opened after Milos in Manhattan with similar offerings for less. However I 'll go with the original because I enjoy the presentation and ambiance. There is only one Greek seafood place in the world that I can compare and this is "Sea Satin" in Mykonos. Of course there are thousands of little tavernas in Greece where you can have that, and my cousin use to fish and I had unforgettable meals in his home etc. No matter what these two places have something cosmopolitan and at the same time original that I prefer to a stuffy or rudimentary alternatives.

  2. I LOVE Milos! My favorite thing about Milos, except for the amazing family style fish dishes are the Zucchini Chips and the fact that any day of the week you'll see many rich old men with the most beautiful models! NY

  3. It also depends on what you want to see anonymous. In Milos sure there are couples of every age, business people, families, celebrities everything. Models and rich men? hmm... I d go better somewhere on Madison, or downtown Cipriani's maybe.
    You see everybody has a different point of view. Even if we like the same thing, we like it for a different reason.
    That's why I d'pass the zucchini chips for the real thing.

  4. i am definitely craving Milos right now. I have been away from NY too long . . I think we should try and go in June if there is time when we are both there!

  5. I would love to go to Milos! I'm taking note for my next trip to NY.