Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Looking back...

mimi vert eyeWhat a year! There is no doubt 2008 brought big change globally... I'm not a business or political analyst. Simply as a world citizen I try to look at the positive impact of these huge changes. The financial and economical crisis created a new awareness in most people’s minds. Anxiety meets hope. Concerns demand for eco friendly energy and new advances are at least promising. Consciousness makes us appreciate.
In spite of everything I’m thankful. For me it was a great year of precious moments and enriching experiences. Launching of the “Eye Collection”, shootings in Switzerland, New York and Puerto Rico, jewelry shows in Basel, Geneva, Madrid and Hong Kong, visiting family and friends all over Europe, incredible cities, fashion weeks, breathtaking Swiss alps and Caribbean sea,...
I know, talking about green... I’m not the best example for a "non-polluting lifestyle" with all my traveling. Due to my work and the difference to my beloved hometown, right now I have little choice. I try to do what is within my bounds of possibility, from recycling and using public transport as much as I can to mimi vert’s new reusable packaging. The goal of our latest video is to transmit the “green” message to our clients. As a company we are constantly working and adjusting our operations. I’m looking forward to a 2009 of movement and development, full of new inspirations and ideas.


  1. Miriam, you are a good girl :-) Keep on going like this, you will have a great future! I believe in you

  2. I LOVE THIS BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    - Vivi

  3. Mimi, I adored reading your blog, looking forward a lot to seeing you again soon, despite your ecological footprinbt ;=)

  4. Consciousness is the start to everything... Looking forward to what the eye collection will bring in 2009!